t    http://www.cnic.navy.mil/regions/cnrnw/installations/nas_whidbey_island.html 

"Every Great Achievement
Was Once Thought Impossible" tm+sm 
as in holding loosely but NEVER letting go of You Kristen Honey

Belated Rest in Peace to my friend  Mary Eloise "Dee" (Dunham) Macgillivray

let's biathlon together Kristen


I'm listening to Kristen.You may follow the link to Jango and listen too by going here: John's Facebook page and clicking on the link to hear DJ Kris- Kristen Jaymes Stewart- and myself at Rob Sky, Gordon Lightfoot, The Moody Blues, Yes, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Weird Al Yankovic and much Much MUCH More Radio Mix Radio. The account is free. Watch videos. Vote on new music. E-mail new bands and maybe get a reply.
Rob Sky is a cloaked Canadian performance artist. Listen and learn why 8D8D8

NEW MOVIES: Its a Lori Petty double feature with "Point Break" and "Tank Girl" links below PLUS "Repo Man" 1984 soundtrack by Michael Nesmith of "The Monkees" fame

 Kris! I nearly spit yogurt during the "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" skit 8D8D8

Please forgive me for not being on top of the Trump comment Kris
President Trump it takes a man being a man to admit he was wrong sir...which I'm...not sure he will NOW Sweet Pea 8D8D8

Here's a link to a downloadable PDF list of every Food Bank in Los Angeles county from SOVA a Jewish organization that helps based only on income. The first page are local Los Angeles establishments. If you reside in LA county call the numbers listed closest to your zip code for more info.

FUNNIES for Tuesday 170221
its STRANGE BREW Krissy 8)  

BREAKING NEWS 1701311836
>China weighs in on the death of Brunhilde Pomsel secretary of 
Reich Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels
>China beats the war drum furiously

I missed your directorial work on your short film "Come Swim" Kristen...I didn't want you to think I was constantly checking up on you. That is history Little One...and I'm so proud of you. 

Please forgive me 'Chelle 

A letter from code breaking legend William F. Friedman to Lieutenant Colonel Menth. 

Lt. Col. Blaine Menth USAF interface with the National Security Agency in the year of my birth a declassified letter from William f. Friedman

watch for multiple and/or "hidden" links

Good day Navy, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Air Force 
Today's 1st full length movie is "Point Break" 1991 starring Patrick Swayze, Keanu Reeves, Gary Busey, Lori Petty, and John C. McGinley 
Our 2nd feature is "Tank Girl" 1995 starring Lori Petty, Ice-T, Naomi Watts, and Malcolm McDowell
The 3rd flick is "Repo Man" [its the OG CLICKON Jude Law pic...it will play] 1984 starring Emilio Estevez, Harry Dean Stanton, Olivia Barash, Jimmy Buffett, soundtrack by Michael Nesmith
This happened down olde New Mexico way some say the home of specialized neutral buoyancy aircraft. Didn't Art Bell said so?...Art's latest!!! Click on the link.
BONUS link  "The Red Green Show 'The Storm Damage Project'"  
with links to the other episodes 

Our story continues... GLWATCDR eventually at Facebook Kristen and I head out Route 66 from Tucumcari, NM...EVENTUALLY 8D8D8

Kristen smokin' in a fire hazard smokin' Rolling Stone's video.

Kristen Stewart Fashion Style

Dr. Robert A. Herrmann
Professor of Mathematics (Ret.)
U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD
His material is complex but some of it wowed me.
His mathematical Christian proofs are amazing

Dom's Kefir & everything else cultured site The Doctor's rating
10 (ten) being highest, 1 (one) lowest, its AT LEAST a 10 (ten). 
No charge Dom I have too much to be grateful to you for. 
Peruse his site. There is an INCREDIBLE wealth of info.

ONCE MORE WITH FEELING: Rob Pattinson cheated on Kristen first
with another Twilight cast member didn't you Claudia. Watch where Bella meets the Cullens to spot REAL animosity Nikki can't hide. 
Does FKA twigs know you're STILL trying to WORK Kristen "Claudia"? Should Kris inform me of just 1 (one) more attempt you may as well leave America immediately as it will save you the embarrassment of being deported.
And here where Bella calls Rosalie out at the plate Nikki AIN'T just acting. If she were THAT good she'd still be working, right? Next time watch her interactions with Kristen.
7 (seven) actors who's careers were ruined by Twilight

Good News Good News! The current service opportunity open to
Uncle Sam's Misguided Children who already know that My Woman Kristen Stewart and myself are gonna STOP CASTING COUCH AND OTHER FILM INDUSTRY HETEROSEXUAL AND HOMOSEXUAL RAPE AND ABUSE IS NOW OPEN 
to all Military personnel including our Allies, current and Veteran. 
We are looking for a few women and men to take down Tinseltown Bb8ers Worldwide & NOT JUST HOLLYWOOD
Now don't that sound like MORE FUN electronically than sittin' drinkin' beer playin' vidjah games? Well- DON'T IT????? 8D
EW RULES! That and HUMINT if access is available
e-fax 213.262.8080
Santa Barbara and Hollow Man

Service opportunity available in Canada 
Great Britain, France except the frogs don't allow one of our bases there no worries the next few can cover Frogland you French sexual predators WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE, Italy, Germany , Hong Kong.
ONLY the most serious gamesters need apply. 
You know there's no use acting all surprised about it. It's not as if you weren't advised ahead of time what the repercussions would be you just HAD to drunkenly wave a red flag in The Dragon's face.
You know nothing of the nature of The Dragon.

Hey Department of Justice Civil Rights Department...if the former Kodiak, Alaska police chief who was arrested by his own men- also a former Juneau Police Department Lieutenant and Alabama State Trooper JAMES HASTY- TAKE A BOW YOU EVIL BASTARD- is still alive you may wish to question him about several murders of suspects during "arrests" he "conducted" whilst an Alabama State Trooper.
FRIENDS OF JUSTICE NOTE: the more people click on BOTH of these links the sooner DOJ will see it and then We the People shall see whether We the People need to do more. 

Jango JEDIACE11 how's it hanging? Can I get the number for your Swiss clinic 8D8D8D? I'm learning the 5 string bass lefthanded upside down Keith stay tuned...and there may still be time for you to do Acts 16:30b,31 should you choose to

We each have different roles to play My Lady Kristen To Be
We're PERFECT for each other Kris you "remind" Me of My Mom and I "remind" You of Your Dad. Isn't that how it's always been? NO GIRL has EVER reminded ME more of Mom than YOU Hummingbird 8D IN A GOOD WAY 8D

 Opinions expressed here and at My Facebook page are not necessarily those of Kristen Jaymes Stewart My love or myself for that matter. Use your own best judgment because I'm my own Gonzo journalist. Kristen is BEYOND Gonzo.
more pics and news coming eventually 

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 My Dad would LOVE Your sense of humour Kristen
You and he would have gotten along GREAT! He'd have been able to tell his risque jokes 
and sing his humourous lyrics uncensored p'raps one day GLWATCDR We Two will hear him

My Dad 


Your Dad sir...I guess it's like myself and my father...

This guy Ralph Steadman...

what if...

 Good 1702211249 PT  1702212049 CUT good day MARPAC

You'd think Joe Trudeau may be repeated occasionally however gentlemen give President Trump time he's not unaware that the USofA gets up to 20% of its imported petroleum from Canada- more than we get from the entire Mideast. Watch THAT increase as we hopefully slowly lose Latin American oil to those Latin Marxists . I suggest you stay tuned here, do your best to ignore Canadian and American MSM and let me see what I can do 'k?

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