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My Dad

Had the best sense of humour I knew until You Kristen.

Applied mild physical correction when necessary.

Stressed the importance of martial discipline like You DJ Kris when the beat of Your tunes kept Me walking through physical and psychological rehab.

As a Korean War era US Army DI introduced many a troop to the fear of God.

Trained German shepherds for Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the rest of Minnesota's 7 County Metro.

Allowed me to play the role of lost child, during sections of above training, from time to time. The dogs always found me no matter where I hid out in the olde Golden Valley Swamp Southeast of the intersections of #6th Avenue North and Kyle Avenue near where Honeywell's Minnesota toxic waste dump may lie. Unlike Florida where the maker of cluster bombs got caught Honeywell (their headquarters was Golden Valley, Minnesota back in the 60s- the same town I lived in with dramatically higher cancer clusters) has yet to face justice in The Twin Cities. Jack passed from toxin induced AML in a 6 block by 6 block residential area where at least 5 cases of unusual cancers occured. Fear of Honeywell's internal security force has kept many a Honeywell employee from testifying to what they know.

Shot almost as well as I can.

Taught cops how to shoot.

Skinned deer accurately and in a timely manner.

Under orders reduced to possession a bobcat in a residential area.

Collected a $50 bounty on the above.

Was intrigued when the U of M report came back re: stomach contents of said above.

Almost couldn't BELIEVE some of the efforts I pulled.

Joined me in Juvenile Court the one and only time I visited it. I apologised and "my free speech issue" was dropped.

Loved my mother Marilyn.

Fathered our family.

Went his own way.

Continued his life.

Had another great run.

Fought fires as Fire Chief of the Spooner, Wisconsin volunteer fire department.

Loved Jenine.

Legally sold his father's legally transferred H+R Handygun single barrel 410 gauge shotgun pistol.

Hung on to his double barrel 12 gauge shotgun 'till the day he passed.

In my dreams and his is hunting or spearing Northern Pike even now.

Jack would have loved Your sense of humour Kristen You guys would have gotten along GREAT 8) 

Love you Dad- you are missed. We'll all catch up later.

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